Monday, December 24

Counter View : Delhi Gang Rape

In the light of the recent Gang Rape of a 23 year old paramedic and a violent assault on her male friend by 6 ruthless men on a public bus, a lot of views have been floating about how these men should be treated, what action must be taken and how to serve justice at the earliest. A majority are in favour of hanging the brutal insensitives, but is that really the only way to go?

Friday, October 26

You. ( Part 1 )

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.
If anyone may see me tonight, 
You must.

Gliding across the hallway, she left tags of her fragrance, each being carefully followed and received by my nasal senses. The smell uniquely belonged to her and now was linked to her deep and mysterious olive emerald eyes, which gleamed every time I could distinctly smell her watermark.

The pale white light struck my eyes as if she had cast the Orton Effect upon my vision, which now blurred her pearl cream gradient long robe, the robe, which like a lake, flowed across the reflective marble surface which shone like diamonds in her radiance. Blinded by her beauty, I could no longer chase her scent or recapture her smile in my head. But, those glimpses, they could never fade away.

Sunday, September 9

I, Me, and You.

My saga continues? Well, I did write another "lovey-dove" poem (might be a LITTLE barftastic for those who don't believe in this phenomenon, but once you start tripping for these butterflies in your stomach, you'll be writing way more of these than anyone else!

Thursday, August 30

The Song

Has it ever happened to you that a song brought back memories from the past when it played or you heard its connecting lyrics? Read ahead to see what He felt when the same happened to Him.

Sunday, August 19


So, very recently I restarted instagramming and have been posting startling and awe-inspiring squares with a hint of random filters. Let me know how you feel about them and follow me maybe?! I'm available at (@tarushmacgupta). See you there!


Is this love? Will I feel winds gush by as I see love again? Will the leaves graze by once more? Will I hear charming bells ringing melodies of amour another time? Will my heartbeat escalate and my beats pounding be noticed?

Wednesday, May 9

Shiksha Paathshaala

On Wednesday, the 18th April, the student captain of our organisation, Youthrise called me asking me to "quickly check out the Facebook page!" 
Upon viewing her latest post there, I immediately commented : I'm definitely going to be there! 
Well, a few others too showed their excitement, just like I had. This post asked a few members of our club to visit "Shiksha Paathshaala", a school set up by an NGO which was a stone's throw from East Delhi's Shadipur Bus Depot. 


So, I wrote this little excerpt from my head : 

I came running towards it. 
Its blood red exterior nearly blinded me. But I knew that nothing could distract me this time. Because this was The time. The time to puncture its throbbing heart. Its tentacle laced back gleamed and stared at my nervous yet determined face. 
I always knew it was me, I was the one with the ultimate responsibility of perforating its scaly skin and then finally ending the misery of our little tribe’s torment. 

Tuesday, March 27

Things That I Resemble

When asked to describe yourself, what would you say? Well, I compared my nature and my attitude to the simple things in life which in some way or the other resemble my existence. 

Saturday, March 24

My Grandfather

So about a week ago, my grandfather passed away and my entire family was deeply disturbed. Well, we all had prepared ourselves to him ultimately expiring soon, but when we saw him last, we all just couldn't get that painful visage of his out of our minds. He was literally breathing like fish pulled out of the water. That night, I wrote this little poem in memory of him, and all his habits and how much he meant to us all. This poem is going to be published in a book soon, so YAY, I'm excited for that! But, that little space he has left in our hearts can never be replaced with anything or anyone else. KPOPS, I'll miss each moment with you!

My Pillow

Without sounding like an introvert, I wrote about the companion-like values my pillow possesses. Its always around you, yet does not hinder your bought process. It sits quietly in that little enclosed space on your bed and never minds that brutal abuse when we lean our sweaty, and fatigued bodies at night before wandering off into that other dimension. 

My Toothbrush

Well, like a cited that I wrote about I few things that are never paid attention to in our daily lives, but hold utmost importance. So how many of you thank the toothbrush? It saves us all from that embarrassment when we open our morning mouths, those which are filled with the obnoxious smell of the curry you had last night or that feeling like a skunk died in your mouth? 
In the article below, I show my attachment to this toothbrush of mine and how i don't replace it with a new one periodically, but how it "changes" over the time. Also why I'm unconditionally devoted to it.

About this blog and me

A recent event in my life helped me realize that the inner talent to write has yet to be expressed. 
So, I took up the challenge to write about all those things that exist in all our lives, but, whose importance has never been felt.