Tuesday, March 27

Things That I Resemble

When asked to describe yourself, what would you say? Well, I compared my nature and my attitude to the simple things in life which in some way or the other resemble my existence. 

Saturday, March 24

My Grandfather

So about a week ago, my grandfather passed away and my entire family was deeply disturbed. Well, we all had prepared ourselves to him ultimately expiring soon, but when we saw him last, we all just couldn't get that painful visage of his out of our minds. He was literally breathing like fish pulled out of the water. That night, I wrote this little poem in memory of him, and all his habits and how much he meant to us all. This poem is going to be published in a book soon, so YAY, I'm excited for that! But, that little space he has left in our hearts can never be replaced with anything or anyone else. KPOPS, I'll miss each moment with you!

My Pillow

Without sounding like an introvert, I wrote about the companion-like values my pillow possesses. Its always around you, yet does not hinder your bought process. It sits quietly in that little enclosed space on your bed and never minds that brutal abuse when we lean our sweaty, and fatigued bodies at night before wandering off into that other dimension. 

My Toothbrush

Well, like a cited that I wrote about I few things that are never paid attention to in our daily lives, but hold utmost importance. So how many of you thank the toothbrush? It saves us all from that embarrassment when we open our morning mouths, those which are filled with the obnoxious smell of the curry you had last night or that feeling like a skunk died in your mouth? 
In the article below, I show my attachment to this toothbrush of mine and how i don't replace it with a new one periodically, but how it "changes" over the time. Also why I'm unconditionally devoted to it.

About this blog and me

A recent event in my life helped me realize that the inner talent to write has yet to be expressed. 
So, I took up the challenge to write about all those things that exist in all our lives, but, whose importance has never been felt.