Friday, October 26

You. ( Part 1 )

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.
If anyone may see me tonight, 
You must.

Gliding across the hallway, she left tags of her fragrance, each being carefully followed and received by my nasal senses. The smell uniquely belonged to her and now was linked to her deep and mysterious olive emerald eyes, which gleamed every time I could distinctly smell her watermark.

The pale white light struck my eyes as if she had cast the Orton Effect upon my vision, which now blurred her pearl cream gradient long robe, the robe, which like a lake, flowed across the reflective marble surface which shone like diamonds in her radiance. Blinded by her beauty, I could no longer chase her scent or recapture her smile in my head. But, those glimpses, they could never fade away.