Thursday, March 14

Bitter Critic Reviews - Kai Po Che

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?! No, Its BITTER CRITIC!


Well, we watch movies and we fall in love with that magical element that just makes a film perfect and viewable, over and over again, and that perfect song that plays in the backdrop just as soon as the protagonist catches the first glimpse of the girl while the breeze unveils her picture perfect face blushing while she beams. Oh, so adorable!
Well, I puke all over that. 

That was probably the only way to delineate Bitter Critic.
And today, I'm reviewing Chetan Bhagat's book-turned-film, Kai Po Che, which I see from the point of view of well, a viewer, cynical, not like a technician, looking at oh well, how brilliant the lighting was and whether or not the music should have started just a millisecond later.