Wednesday, May 9

Shiksha Paathshaala

On Wednesday, the 18th April, the student captain of our organisation, Youthrise called me asking me to "quickly check out the Facebook page!" 
Upon viewing her latest post there, I immediately commented : I'm definitely going to be there! 
Well, a few others too showed their excitement, just like I had. This post asked a few members of our club to visit "Shiksha Paathshaala", a school set up by an NGO which was a stone's throw from East Delhi's Shadipur Bus Depot. 


So, I wrote this little excerpt from my head : 

I came running towards it. 
Its blood red exterior nearly blinded me. But I knew that nothing could distract me this time. Because this was The time. The time to puncture its throbbing heart. Its tentacle laced back gleamed and stared at my nervous yet determined face. 
I always knew it was me, I was the one with the ultimate responsibility of perforating its scaly skin and then finally ending the misery of our little tribe’s torment.