Wednesday, January 15

Kenway ❤️

I very well know how socially awkward I am and I'm not afraid to show it! 

During my absolutely amazing time at the SMFA in Boston in June, I'd enrolled for the photography class and they were all M&C people there. Sigh, not Mac and Cheese, but Macintosh and Canon. 

Carrying the Nikon, which was not even mine, I was asked to use the Canon camera for the duration of the class. 

For the same purpose, we were introduced to the basement of the building where s much changed! I happened to meet the vending machines there and met new people who opened my eyes to industrial house music - fort rameau - which I still haven't fully seen or checked out on sound cloud yet, but they were all so relaxed, calm and smiling. I didn't seem to care if they said stuff behind my back, but the fact that they were so nice to me at that instant made me feel like no outsider, but another student of the smfa! Their friendliness was so evident in their speech and they'd joke with you and I don't know somehow this made me feel so welcome and is probably one of the reasons why I'd love to pursue education in Boston, among the people and the inviting environment! 
Once time, the cutest and most adorable person was sitting there in the equipment room and I think my heart stopped beating the second I saw him and then suddenly it started pounding so hard and fast and gosh did my uncontrollable and excessive sweat start pouring it! I literally made plans to ask him for his number or give him mine (except I never got around to remembering mine). We had a conversation and the sweat also brought along with it my awkwardness. He asked me about the courses I was taking at the museum school and my duration in Boston and then he told me how he couldn't travel as he was saving up and needed the money so he was working the summer. Gosh they all looked like hipsters in art school! Back, so he asked me where I was staying, I told him that I was trying close in KENWAY. I generally font think before speaking and realize (or dont) about what I just said. This time I didn't. And he looked at me in such a puzzled manner as if Scooby was looking me with his confused gaze. Both so cute! And then he asked me where Kenway was, and I stuttered and corrected it to fenway-kenmore! 

After a few days of not seeing him and kind of regretting my decision of not exchanging numbers, I did see him in the basements hallway while operating the vending machine. And that vending machine often had goodies stuck in it or they got stuck and I'd just shake and rattle the entire machine to get extra and the stuck goodies. So that day, I again got something stuck in it and then I called him instead of just shaking the machine ever so vigorously and he told me how often something like this happens to the vending machines and then he took out the food that was stuck in and I believe that it was the last time I saw his pretty face. But I know, I'll never forget it <3

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