Wednesday, January 15


I take way too many things for granted. I don’t remember thanking my parents in months for anything that they did for me. I claim that I won’t miss anybody after I leave this fall, but I know I’ll come crawling back into the arms of my parents the second they’ll leave me to be.

Today, dad wanted to become a member of the Capitol at the Ashoka Hotel. It’s much more than just a discotheque. It’s the discotheque of New Delhi. From regulars like Fashion TV to guests like Paris Hilton have partied amongst renowned disk jockeys there. Now, my parents want to hold my eighteenth there. I can certify that I’m extremely excited about this. But why do I have all this pent up guilt inside me? I down right refused to celebrate anything there. 
To start with, it’s going to be EXPENSIVE. And, I could really use that money to shop instead. 
Meh. That’s besides the point. They’re anyway going to end up spending two crores just on my college tuition. Add to that my shopping fits, the not-so-dear books there, housing, travel and everything else. I… I just can’t somehow wrap my head around what dad calls “an investment”. Will I really live up to everything that he has planned for me? 
Right now, I should really be sitting down and doing mathematics for my pre board the day after. Somehow, I can be really stubborn when it comes to confronting my emotions, and at times, I just let some sentiments penetrate and pinch me all around, making me so queasy and oh so uncomfortable. 

Today, the first pre board, meeting my friends after two weeks, my friends announce that some will be of to Goa and my circle, off to the Hills. They acre so much about me and include me in everything they do. I, never reply, never care.


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